Increasing value to all stakeholders from harvest to food, with 24/7 storage monitoring, remote management and instant alerts

We know that for farmers, any loss in goods means a loss percentage in turnovers. That’s why our solution brings them peace of mind while maintaining their grains safe and offering them the opportunity to save time and money. provides innovative products and services and builds strong relationships with our customers based on the quality of our services.

Why and how it happened?

Our mission is to reduce waste by solving critical problems in the agriculture business, so the products are preserved in optimal conditions, to the benefits of the population and environment. Our values drive us towards constant development and improvement based on customer feedback.

Our first version of the solution happened back in 2016, developed by gathering insights directly from farmers and working towards making their digitalization visions possible.
Over the first 5 years we installed over 70+ storage bases all over Romania and Bulgaria, with our solution guarding over 3 million tons of grains with a total value of over $500M up to the present day and continuously growing.
Our objective is to reduce wastage all around the world. This is why we are wishing to cover a wide area of storing solutions for the supply chain: from preservation, to inventory and transportation of grains and more. We are expanding our solution both in Europe and internationally, as well as improving and adapting our products as the market is constantly evolving.

Key numbers/stats

over 3M tones

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entrusted to us

more than 100


Our Core Values

Constant growth



Solutions oriented

The motivation behind the company comes from the passion for agriculture nurtured during our childhood. We have been working alongside our grandfather, who was a farmer and taught us valuable technical and agricultural skills.

We are now a constantly expanding team with similar values working towards improving post-harvest grain management.